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Your displays have been a major asset to me and my jewelry business. When the economy took a downturn, I knew I needed to take firm action. Instead of lowering the price for my work, I decided to upgrade my look. Instead of selling my jewelry at a lowered price from card tables, I am now selling the same work at higher prices from your sleek and professional displays. The unexpected bonus is the space I save in my car with the new set-up and the tidy way everything folds down to a few pieces. I have just purchased my second set of displays, which I will be using to fill out my new corner booth configuration. Thank you for helping me stay in the game and grow my business.
— Wendy Lin
Your displays did everything I could have hoped for. They jumped off the carpet and made the merchandise sing. I was third from the end of the row but from the head of the aisle the displays glowed. For my first show, I wrote three museums and galleries from coast to coast. Please thank all those involved in putting them together for me.
— Larry
I received my bridge with a double slanted display case today. We unpacked it put it together in half an hour! What a marvel.

I am so glad to have found you thanks to the great recommendations on the Orchid list ( I am very very happy with this. Thanks so much for all your help. I can’t wait to fill it with jewelry!
— Debra Hoffmaster
I used your jewelry cases for my very first craft fair in Mill Valley, California and practically every artist at the show came up to me to find out where I got my displays and how they were lit. I was the only artist at the show, which was under the canopy of Redwood trees, to have lights. I handed out your brochures like they were twenty dollar bills. They looked great and were very easy to set up. Thanks very much, I’m sure you’re having great success.
— Alison Antelman
As a nontraditional fiber jeweler, I needed a way to raise my prices to reflect the high quality of my work. These gorgeous, sleek, professional looking cases have enabled me to do just this!
— Margaret Gordon
The cases arrived last evening and we assembled them for the first time. I LOVE the way they look, assembly was fairly easy even the first time!!! THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! I will be recommending them to all the local artists.
— Dee Jansen