Dynamic Display Systems (DDS) is the result of a collaboration between artist and inventor. The founder, Paul Wilton, is a master machinist and skilled problem solver. Paul has been inventing things all of his life and has several letters of patent

In 1985 when he met his future wife, Leslie, a glassblower, Paul was confronted with a whole new set of machining and technical challenges involved in building and operating her glass studio, Blacksheep Glass. Through this unique partnership he has devised numerous products, tools, and equipment for the glassblowing industry, earning his first patent in 1992 for a special ceramic burner nozzle he invented and manufactures.

The challenges did not end with the glass studio. After 20 years of showing her art at numerous trade and art shows, Leslie yearned for a simple and easy display system that was lightweight and collapsible. Having tried all the displays available and finding flaws with all of them, Leslie and Paul designed and manufacture all of the products that are Dynamic Display Systems. They specialize in portable, collapsible, lightweight, fast, and easy to assemble displays. All displays are totally tool-less and can be set up in mere minutes.

Dynamic Display Systems displays are designed to enhance your business image, make your products look great, and decrease your workload.  Let us help you make your life on the road as simple and easy as it gets.  Contact us to discuss the display that will work best for you; our staff are more than happy to discuss your needs.