Complete Booth Package-4 Display Cases

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Sean Hill Outdoor.jpg

Complete Booth Package-4 Display Cases


Everything you need to show your stuff, all in one package...4 large display cases, 8 LED mixed white light strips, power supplies, splitters and black velvet skirts to enclose the 38" high pedestal base plus maximum storage shelves.  All of this comes in 2 medium shipping cases packed and ready to ship to your next show.  Choose white or black pedestal top, skirts or panels.

These small pedestals are great not only as sales counters but also as additional work spaces.  Measuring 18 X 18 with 2 height options and 3 storage shelves you can keep your sales receipts, phone, packing materials or inventory easily organized and accessible.  To enclose the base order skirts separately or if panels are desiredorder our "check-out desk".

Note: crossbars of the display stand are all natural aluminum now. Only the 6 legs of each display stand are black anodized.

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When you want to make a clean, new, dynamic statement all at once, this is the display for you.  If you want to expand your business and open the door to new clients, there's nothing like a professional display.  And this one actually works FOR you.  All Dynamic Display Systems products are designed to make your life easier.  This is a lightweight, portable and fully collapsible display, perfect for doing trade shows, art shows and the like.  You can set up this display, by yourself, without tools in under an hour!  If you do shows in convention centers, this feature alone will save you having to purchase union labor!

These 4 display cases pack compactly into 2 of our Medium Shipping Cases.  The shipping cases are foam lined with layers of padding between each layer of display.  They arrive ready to go to your next show.  No need for heavy, expensive, bulky crates to transport your display.  Our shipping cases are vacuum formed plastic, lightweight and built to last.  We have never had a problem with these cases in all the time we've been using them!  And they're made in the USA like 99% of our products.

This booth package fills a 10' x 10' booth space nicely.  With these modular components you can create a corner booth or zig zag shaped booth.  Each medium shipping case measures 40L. x 22W. x 9H and once packed with the display will weigh around 125 lbs.  Shipping cases are foam lined and come with wheels, latches and handles.  For more info see the product item.